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             The Mohave Beach Band    


   The Mohave Beach Band is a musical group from the Inland Empire of southern California, founded in 2015. We perform our own compositions with a few cover songs thrown in from time to time. We attribute our success to our ability to create our own style of music and our onstage chemistry. Our formula is loosely based on the Colorado River vacation experience, California destinations and stories about love and relationships. We are “The California Sound!”


   We are essentially a light rock band with country and jazz influences, but we can rock it up or jazz it up a bit if that is what is called for. We often make set adjustments to suit our clients’ needs and audience expectations. I am often asked if we are danceable and family friendly and the answer is yes to both. You can bring your kids and your grandparents to see our show. It seems that we are always invited back!


   We began by testing our concept by playing small venues in the Pomona Valley and Claremont College area which over time grew to include premiere venues such as The Canyon Clubs. We were very pleased, that after our first show at the Canyon Club Montclair performance as an opening act, to receive an email from Eventbrite thanking us and inviting us to come back. We now have begun to expand our performance area to include the Temecula Wine country and Orange County.


  “Write from your experiences, sing from your heart

    and kiss the hand of the girl in the front row”

                                                                                                            Lionel Ritchie



          The Mohave Beach Band


Joe “Mohave Joe” our lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter. Born in Michigan he was raised in northern California. He has extensive classical and some jazz training. A fledgling writer and poet he brings his stories to our music.    


Dave our lead guitarist and founding member of the band. He often asks, Joe did you ever think it would go this far? He is a product of the Inland Empire of southern California. He got his first guitar at thirteen for fifteen dollars and never looked back. Dave brings his rock chops to the band.  


John   our drummer from the English midlands has been with us almost since the very beginning and is considered a founding member. Raised musically in the dance clubs of England. He is also a vocalist. 


Yvette our vocalist and harmonists. She was born and raised in southern California. Yvette brings her love of country music to the band.  

Mitch our keyboard player was born and raised in southern California. A classically trained musician from a very young age. The son of a classically trained musician he studied piano at University of California Riverside. He also brings his experience in reggae and jazz to the band.


Bob our percussionist on the congas and other rhythmic instruments. Born in Hawaii and raised in southern California. From the age of nine he showed a keen interest in percussion instruments. His addition to our rhythm section is key part of our overall sound.     




         The Mohave Beach Band                                


The Legacy Room                Chino, Ca                      two shows


The Blackwatch Pub             Upland, Ca                  three shows


Friday Night’s Live               Claremont, Ca            nine shows


Last Name Brewery              Upland, Ca                   three shows


Village Venture                     Claremont, Ca              three shows


Craft Beer Walk                    Claremont, Ca             four shows


Battle of the Bands                Lake Forrest, Ca         one show


Characters                              Pomona, Ca                 one show


The Canyon Club                  Montclair, Ca               opened Which One’s Pink


The Canyon Club                  Montclair, Ca               opened The Long Run


Auto Zone car show              R. Cucamonga, Ca        one show


The Mediterranean Bistro    R. Cucamonga, Ca       three shows


San Giorgio Winery              R. Cucamonga, Ca        two shows


The Rok House                      Upland, Ca                    one show


Private party                          Ontario, Ca                   two shows


Private Party                         Riverside, Ca                 two shows


Private Party                         Fontana, Ca                   one show


Private party                         Temecula, Ca                 one show


Bonelli Bluffs RV                  San Dimas, Ca              New Year’s two shows




   We are currently in the process of filling in the calendar for the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023. Between shows this year we have been taking short breaks to record and prepare new material for release.  


   We encourage everybody to visit our website for updated band information and to view past performances. We can also be found on Facebook, You Tube and Tic Toc. We have additional offerings on ITunes, Spotify and Amazon music.


         We would be very pleased to bring our show to your          



          The Mohave Beach Band