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Southern Wind

   On stage I often preface our songs with a bit about the back story. This is the story of  how Southern Wind came to be.


   It was perhaps 6:15 in the evening and I was driving home tired from a day’s work. I was flipping through the radio stations and for a moment I landed on a country radio station, but only for a moment. Before I continued to search the dial I heard something about a southern wind on the country station. I tried to find it again but it was gone but the seed had been planted and over the next few weeks the song began to take shape.


   This is a love song about a long distance truck driver and the woman he hopes to marry. There is great symbolism in the wind and the treasure chest. There is also hope and living in the moment. She understands what a trucker’s life is like and waits for her man to one day carry her away. She knows deep in her heart that their time will come.


Take me to the River



    Take me to the River was the first song that was written exclusively focused on the band theme. It is based on personal experiences and every story in the song really happened.

   Some years ago my wife and our kids joined another family for a weekend vacation to the Parker Dam area on the Colorado River. It was a complete vacation with huge RV’s and boats and jet skis all right on the river’s edge with a private lagoon.     

   At the same time on the far side of the river a wild weekend party was being given by a band called the Offspring. The river was packed with teens in generally delightful misbehavior. We had so much fun that I eventually wrote this song about that crazy weekend.









Birds Have Flown

Most of our songs are about the hot summer days along the Colorado River. We also have a song about the colder times of the year. Birds Have  Flown talks about Winter along the river. 

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Birds Have Flown - The Mohave Beach Band
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