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   We are The Mohave Beach Band. We are from the Inland Empire of southern California formed in 2015.   We are an easy rock band with country and swing influences. We call our music “River Rock", but we have also been labeled "The California Sound."

  Our sets are created from our original compositions and the occasional "Mohavied Up"cover song. It is our intention to incorporate the Colorado River lifestyle and the Mohave Desert experience into our music.    

   We are family friendly, dance-able entertainment. After our show at The Lemon Festival in Upland, California the audio engineer told me 'I feel like I just went to the Colorado River."           


                                        The Band

Joe                                                                      Vocals and Guitar

Yvette                                                                  Vocalist

Dave                                                                    Lead Guitar

John                                                                    Drums

Scott                                                                    Bass


Carol                                                                    Media

Greg                                                                    Engineer                                           

Ledbeat  Productions                        Recording Representative                                                                               

     Our music is available for purchase through, Itunes and Apple  Music.

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