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We are The Mohave Beach Band. We are from the Inland Empire of southern California.   We are a rock band with country and jazz influences. We call our style “River Rock. 

  Our sets are primarily original compositions. We also include a few arrangements based on cover songs. It is our intention to incorporate the Colorado River lifestyle and the Mohave Desert experience into our music.                  


                                        The Band

Joe N                                                                   Vocals and Guitar

Dave                                                                    Lead Guitar

John                                                                    Drums                                                                                                                    Background Singer                                           Yvette         

Carol & Taylor                                                    Promoter

Engineer                                                             Ledbeat              



   The band was formed a about three years ago by Dave and myself, Joe. I had recently been on vacation to the Colorado River with my wife. A band called the Offspring was having a weekend party across the river and the place was crazy with misbehavior. The fun that we had that first weekend later inspired the band concept. Our music in now available for purchase through

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